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Psychological suspense

I’m a writer of character-driven suspense fiction. That includes the genres of crime, espionage, and horror…and a few others.

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When I’m in an ornery mood, I dabble in essays and opinion pieces, like this widely read and shared essay on Generation X and helicopter parenting.

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Teachers, hookers, and drug dealers!

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Horror on Kindle Unlimited

“I have a fair number of horror titles in Kindle Unlimited. I write supernatural horror, in the tradition of Peter Straub, H.P. Lovecraft, Bentley Little and E.F. Benson…” Continue reading….

Blood Flats (action/adventure)

“On the morning that he became a fugitive from justice, Lee McCabe awoke with two persistent sensations in his consciousness. The first was the sound that Apache helicopters make when they land in the desert, and how the dust swirls beneath them as they raise up little tornados of sand. The second was the smell of a woman’s strawberry shampoo….” (Continue reading)

The Wasp (short fiction/horror)

“Leo hated summer.

He did not mind the long, humid days of summer. He did not mind the simmering mornings, the sluggish, gnatty evenings, or the scorching afternoons. Nor was he particularly fond of the colder months of the year, with their short, overcast days, chilly rains, and finally their ice and snow.

Leo hated summer because summer was the season of wasps….” (Continue reading.)

Venetian Springs (crime/action)

“Two couples—one idealistic, one criminal. A ruthless Mexican drug kingpin. A fortune in heroin and cash. They all come together one night at a casino called Venetian Springs, in a high-stakes gamble that only a few of them will survive…”  (Continue reading)

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