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There are pages and pages of items to read and explore on EdwardTrimnellBooks, including serial fiction, the Daily Ed editorials, short stories, and various nonfiction resources. You could spend hours here, and only scratch the surface!

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What’s New?

The Consultant: an online thriller novel. 

Barry Lawson is an American marketing consultant. North Korean agents have kidnapped him and brought him to North Korea.

What does the North Korean regime want from him? Will he escape with his life?

Read the exclusive online serial to find out!

Regular features and archives


Already published fiction that you can preview here and buy on Amazon now, in a variety of formats. 

Live fiction: web serials

Standalone novels and web serials. Read the story here, as I write it. Action, adventure, horror and drama!

Short fiction

Read the latest short stories…new pieces, and samples from existing collections. I’m constantly adding short stories to the site.


Just as I often serialize fiction here first, I also serialize some nonfiction projects online prior to publication. You’ll find those here.

The Daily Ed

This is where I post my serial installments, short stories, and columns as I write them.

Ed’s Web Fiction Guide

Doing my part to spread the word about high-quality web fiction published online by other authors!


Want to know more about me? You’ll find it here!


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