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Online fiction

Suspense and thriller fiction for you to read, preview, or listen to here on the site.  

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Horror in Indiana:  (Published on Amazon as The Rockland Horror.) A mansion in Southern Indiana becomes a prison of supernatural horror for a young bride in 1882. Sample the book for free here on the site.) 

Short tales of terror, suspense, and dark fantasy

Short tales of terror and suspense–new tales, and stories  from my existing collections.

Many of these stories are from the collections I Know George Washington: 5 Dark Tales, and Hay Moon & Other Stories

By the River

Thanatos Postponed

The Red Devil

Gate Time

The Wasp

Giants in the Trees

The Vampires of Wallachia

The Van

Bitter Hearts

The Dreams of Lord Satu

More to read: sample chapters and readings from some of my previously published novelsĀ 

Eleven Miles of Night

12 Hours of Halloween

Venetian Springs

Blood Flats

The Eavesdropper

Termination Man: a corporate/workplace thriller

The Maze: a portal fantasy adventure

Revolutionary Ghosts

Luk Thep