Serialized novels


The Consultant

An American businessman is abducted by the North Korean regime. What do they want from him? Will he ever escape? Read The Consultant to find out.

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Our House

A young family. A dream house with a psychotic ex-owner and a horrible secret. A claustrophobic suburban thriller that will keep you guessing…

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Venetian Springs (Coming soon!)

Mark and Gina Baxter are financially strapped public school teachers in Indianapolis. Pushed to the brink, they take a gamble on a promise of easy money.

But easy money has a steep price when the mob is involved. The Baxters stand to lose a lot more than just their money. They may lose everything.

Horror/dark fantasy

Eleven Miles of Night

Join a college filmmaker on a walk down the most haunted road in Ohio. Nonstop supernatural thrills for fans of Stephen King and old-school horror/ghost stories.

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Revolutionary Ghosts

The year is 1976, and the Headless Horseman rides again, just in time for the American Bicentennial. A coming-of-age supernatural thriller filled with vengeful historical spirits, and a cool 1970s vibe!

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Luk Thep

An American businesswoman travels to exotic Thailand…but something evil follows her home.

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