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The Eavesdropper

Three of your coworkers are planning a murder. Will you stop them, or become their next victim? A corporate workplace thriller.

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Blood Flats

An ex-marine framed for murder. A gun-blazing chase through rural Kentucky, as he battles meth dealers and hitmen in a fight to clear his name.

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The Consultant

Barry Lawson, an American business consultant, has been taken prisoner by the North Korean regime.

What do they want from him? Can he escape from the most oppressive dictatorship on the face of the earth?

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Our House

A young family. A dream house with a psychotic ex-owner and a horrible secret. A claustrophobic suburban thriller that will keep you guessing…

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Termination Man

Craig Walker is the Termination Man. Corporations hire him to entrap “problem employees” so they can be terminated with cause.

But what will he do when one of his corporate clients seems willing to resort to murder?

Horror/dark fantasy/dark suspense

12 Hours of Halloween

The last Halloween of childhood is always the most terrifying. A coming-of-age supernatural thriller set in 1980.

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Eleven Miles of Night

Join a college filmmaker on a walk down the most haunted road in Ohio. Nonstop supernatural thrills for fans of Stephen King and old-school horror/ghost stories.

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Revolutionary Ghosts

The year is 1976, and the Headless Horseman rides again, just in time for the American Bicentennial. A coming-of-age supernatural thriller filled with vengeful historical spirits, and a cool 1970s vibe!

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Luk Thep

An American businesswoman travels to exotic Thailand…but something evil follows her home.

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Fantasy/Science fiction

The Maze

The Maze is based on an old idea in fantasy fiction: that everyday places can be portals to parallel dimensions.