Books by Edward Trimnell

I update this page regularly, but be sure to check my Amazon page for the latest releases.  The links below go to Amazon unless otherwise noted.

Standalone thriller, mystery, and suspense

From an American kidnapped and taken to North Korea (The Consultant) to a corporate employee who discovers that his coworkers are plotting a murder (The Eavesdropper), my suspenseful stories will keep you turning the pages. Most of these are  standalone titles.

The Cairo Deception series (WWII suspense/family saga

As a longtime student of history, I’m always looking for interesting stories from the past. I have a special interest in World War II, which I heard about secondhand from my grandfather, a World War II combat veteran.

Horror, dark fantasy, and dark thriller

I’ve always been a fan of scary stories. My own stories in this realm focus on the supernatural and the weird, with only moderate amounts of violence, and minimal blood and gore.