Huey Lewis, and a different kind of torch song

Thirty-nine years ago today, on September 15, 1983, Huey Lewis & the News released their 3rd studio album, Sports.

I can’t listen to any songs on this album without being catapulted back to the mid-1980s (which was, on the whole, a nice place to be).

Sports was the group’s breakout album, with four top-ten hits. The song below, however, is the best of the bunch…or at least the most unique.

It’s a different kind of torch song. Whereas most songs about unrequited love are sappy and rather pathetic, this one is more down-to-earth.

“If this is it, please let me know…” isn’t a perfect comeback to unreturned affection, of course. (If you have to ask, you already know the answer.) But it’s better than most.