Mistresses, language wars, and the Associated Press

Associated Press mocked for declaring term ‘mistress’ is archaic, sexist

Notice, of course, that there has never been a term for “a man in a long-term sexual relationship with, and financially supported by, a woman who is married to someone else.”

This is no slam on women—or men, for that matter. There are certainly some married women who could afford to financially support male lovers on the side.  And heaven knows that there would be no shortage of heterosexual men willing to accept money for such a paid relationship. Men are dogs, after all. 

There is no male equivalent to the word “mistress” for the simple reason that everyone of junior high age or older already knows: Male and female sexuality are different. Men and women respond to different motivations in sexual relationships, and they face different supply-and-demand conditions. (Hint: Men are in supply, and women are in demand.) Continue reading “Mistresses, language wars, and the Associated Press”