Guess who’s topless on Instagram now…

In recent years, we’ve been treated (is that the right word?) to middle-age starlets in their 40s, 50s—and even 60s—cavorting on Instagram in various states of underdress. First it was the 40-something Britney Spears, then the 50-something Donna D’Errico. And now it is the 60-something Madonna. 

Well, of course we knew this was coming, didn’t we? We were about due for something gaudy and completely inappropriate from Madonna. 

Further proof of that French expression, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. And this really is nothing new. A series of nude Madonna photos ran in both Playboy and Penthouse in 1985. I was in high school at the time. 

Playboy, September 1985

I’m now in my mid-50s. The same age as Donna D’Errico, as chance would have it. I’m a mere decade behind Madonna, who was born in 1958.

I’m all in favor of older folks remaining youthful. I run. I work out. I stay in shape.  But I won’t be posting nude photos of myself on Instagram, nor anywhere else on the Internet. That remains a young person’s game. And so it should.