Richard Chizmar on Writers, Ink

I just finished listening to this interview of Richard Chizmar on the Writers, Ink podcast.

I had been only vaguely aware of Mr. Chizmar before this. I already knew that he cowrote at least one book with Stephen King. Also, his publishing company, Cemetery Dance, has published some of King’s work. (No small accomplishment, that.)

Chizmar has a lot to say about writing…and business. The interview is worth a listen, if either of these topics interests you.

The best H.P. Lovecraft collection?

I own several HP Lovecraft collections, but this one is my favorite: The Best of H. P. Lovecraft: Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre . This volume was published in 1987.

I’ve bought it twice: Once in 1988 (that copy is long since gone); and I bought a replacement copy about two years ago. 

This collection has all the stories that the newcomer to Lovecraft really needs, including “The Shadow over Innsmouth” and “The Dunwich Horror”.

Another feature of this collection is the excellent introductory essay by Robert Bloch.