Mailbag: Wattpad

Today a regular reader of this blog asked me for my opinion about Wattpad, and whether I would ever consider posting any content there.

To cut right to the chase: I have nothing against Wattpad, but my content would be a bad fit on the site.

I’ve visited Wattpad. (I even have a member login.) Everything on Wattpad seems to be written for teenagers by teenagers–especially teenage girls.

I think it’s great that the younger generation is taking an active interest in storytelling (as opposed to the mind-numbing white noise of social media), and that they have an online place to practice their skills, and display their work.

I also think it’s best if people my age stay away from there. I graduated from high school 33 years ago, after all.

The writer should know his place; and my place isn’t Wattpad.