Video fiction on YouTube

I’ve been adapting my stories to a video format for YouTube and other video platforms. 

I’m creating story videos for some existing books, of course. In the future, though, I’ll be doing many stories in a “video/audio- first serial format on YouTube. 

Videos for previously published (pre-2023) fiction

THE CONSULTANT (action/thriller)

Barry Lawson is a Chicago-based marketing consultant on a business trip in Osaka, Japan. When he leaves a hotel bar with the wrong woman, he is kidnapped and taken to Pyongyang, North Korea. 

But this is no random abduction. The North Korean regime has a specific plan for Barry Lawson. But Barry has a plan of his own: escape at any cost!

About ‘The Consultant’

12 HOURS OF HALLOWEEN (horror/dark fantasy)

Published in 2015, this is my coming-of-age supernatural horror tale for Generation X. The complete novel is now available on Amazon, in both Kindle and paperback. View 12 Hours of Halloween on Amazon.

Episode 1
Episode 2

BLOOD FLATS (thriller)

Blood Flats is a novel about a former US Marine, Lee McCabe, who is accused of a double homicide that he did not commit. To prove his innocence and defeat the drug traffickers behind the murders, Lee must go on the run, and confront enemies on both sides of the law.