More teacher shenanigans

Rare is the human male who has not tilted at romantic windmills from time-to-time. And yes, rare is the middle-age male who does not think that younger women find him to be more charming than might actually be the case. (I speak from a certain degree of experience here.)

But also rare is the middle-age male who seriously attempts to woo a fifteen year-old girl—especially when the middle-age male in question is a 41-year-old teacher.

Yet that is exactly what appears to have occurred in Florida. Per Yahoo News, the teacher, John Teti,

was fixated on one teenager, “grooming” her for a sexual relationship — vaping with her alone, offering her rides to school and taking her to McDonald’s. He also suggested she skip class to hang out with him and offered his private tutoring services. In text communication with the teen, police say Teti used “immature” language to sound young.

Teti allegedly wrote in late-night text messages to the girl, “If my wife were to suddenly die, would you be my teenage bride?” … “We should spend all summer together” and said he called his wife by the girl’s name during sex. “…Is that weird?” he typed.

Yes, I think we can safely say: that’s weird. But one reads about this kind of teacher misconduct more and more nowadays.

Often the perpetrator is a female teacher who just can’t keep her hands off a teen boy studmuffin. But there’s no apparent shortage of randiness among male teachers, either.

I don’t know what to make of this. I graduated from high school in 1986. My teachers (almost all of whom are now retired) were honorable men and women. But perhaps the teaching profession does not attract the talent that it once did. Homeschooling, anyone?