12 Hours of Halloween

A coming-of-age horror thriller set on Halloween night, 1980!

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The last Halloween of childhood is the most terrifying one of all!  A scare-packed coming-of-age supernatural thriller.

One last Halloween…

The year is 1980. Jeff Schaeffer, Leah Carter, and Bobby Nagel decide to go out for “one last Halloween” before adolescence takes away their childhood forever.

But this Halloween is different, they soon discover. An outing that was supposed to be light-hearted and fun becomes a battle for sanity—and perhaps even survival.

A Halloween curse

A sinister teenager known as “the ghost boy” declares that Jeff Schaeffer and his friends will endure “twelve hours of trial” on Halloween. The three young people subsequently find their once familiar surroundings transformed into a bizarre and terrifying landscape.

They discover that just beneath the surface of their suburban neighborhood lies a secret realm of haunted houses, demonically possessed trees, and spirits with unfinished business. 

One entity, called the “head collector”, stalks through the darkened streets in search of grisly trophies.

Coming-of-age conflict…

Jeff is also forced to confront new feelings for both of his old friends.

He believes that he is in love with Leah; but does Leah feel the same way?

Meanwhile, his friend Bobby, who had always protected him from local bullies, now seems to harbor a dark agenda that threatens to divide and possibly destroy them all.

12 Hours of Halloween will awaken your childhood fears. Be prepared for sleepless nights!

Edward Trimnell, the author and your friendly host

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