Why you need a robotic vacuum cleaner

Let me put a personal spin on this….

I enjoy writing. I enjoy reading. I even enjoy working out. 

But I hate cleaning my house. 

And no part of housecleaning is more tedious than cleaning the floor.


I would be willing to bet that you’re in the same boat.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a device that took care of that for you?

Enter the robotic vacuum cleaner….

Perhaps you’ve heard about these robotic vacuum cleaner thingamabobs. 

A robotic vacuum cleaner is like having your own personal R2D2, who will essentially be your housecleaning slave. 

Sound interesting?

Read on…


Enter the Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

I like the Roborock S5 because of all its features. This thing will both sweep and mop your house. 

It works on carpet, hard floors, and wood floors. 

Oh, yeah, and there’s more. Look at all these features:


  • 3D cleaning: A series of brushes, placed at different angles, cleans all the nooks and crannies in your floor. A powerful fan (up to 2000Pa high suction) creates a cyclone effect. Suck up that dirt!
  • LDS Smart Navigation: The Roborock S5 scans the dimensions of each room, and figures the most efficient cleaning path, based on an algorithm. (I can’t even do that!)
  • Climbing ability: This turbo-charged robotic cleaner can surmount those little ridges between the thresholds of many rooms. (And it won’t trip on them, as I sometimes do.)
  • Carpet pressurization: The Roborock S5 can be programmed to switch into a higher suction mode when it reaches a carpeted area, in order to get that area of the floor extra-clean. (Once again, I can’t even do that!)
  • Ultra-high 5200mAh battery capacity: Do you have a large house? The massive battery on this machine enables it to clean for 150 minutes on a single charge. 150 minutes! That’s more than two hours! (Yes, I’ve gotta say it: Even I can’t do that.)


Are you interested yet?

You can get a great deal on the Roborock S5 at Amazon. The Amazon product page will also give you a more detailed summary of its many, many features. 

There are those who clean floors, and there are those who use technology to avoid floor cleaning. 

I don’t know about you, but I know which group I want to be in…