Twitter shares tumble on censorship-related concerns

Well, we might have seen this coming:

Twitter loses $5 billion in market value after Trump is permanently barred from the platform

This didn’t begin with the president’s recent tweets, or even with the Trump administration.

Twitter was launched in 2006 with the sales pitch that it would be an open public square on the Internet. That means being apolitical, as a company, and as a platform.

In the years since then, the leftwing intolerance at Twitter has grown steadily worse. In some cases, Twitter employees have been behind the censorship. In other cases, leftwing “Twitter mobs” have been the perpetrators of the speech clampdowns.

As some reader will no doubt point out, Twitter is a private-sector firm, and can manage its platform as it sees fit.

Fair enough. Jack Dorsey may wish to rebrand Twitter as an unabashedly left-of-center microblogging platform. That is his right.

But this will further erode Twitter’s already diminishing user base, and make the company even less attractive to advertisers—who are the only real source of revenue for the company.