Twitter, Merkel, and Big Tech censorship

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, no one’s idea of a rightwing ideologue or a Trumpist, has called Twitter’s recent ban of Donald Trump’s account “problematic.”

In a statement issued by an official spokesperson, Merkel said, “The right to freedom of opinion is of fundamental importance. Given that, the chancellor considers it problematic that the president’s accounts have been permanently suspended.”

Donald Trump’s administration will pass into history in a few short days. But the problem of Big Tech censorship precedes the Trump era, and it will be with us afterward.

This is a question that goes beyond conservative vs liberal. It is a question of freedom of speech, versus allowing a handful of tech bosses and their employees to determine the bounds of acceptable expression for everyone else.

Opinions vary widely about the outgoing American president. That’s the way it is. There will be no consensus about the Trump years, at least not for a long time.

But freedom-loving people everywhere should be alarmed at the power these unelected tech bosses now wield over online speech—and, by extension, all of us.