Twitter blocks Rep. Lauren Boebert, too

And why this blog will no longer link to Twitter content

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is one of President Donald Trump’s defenders in Congress. She has been locked out of her Twitter account until Inauguration Day. Interesting timing. 

Twitter has basically decided to censor everyone who doesn’t rigidly adhere to a specific political line. 

As I’ve said repeatedly in recent days, we each need to do our part to free the Internet of social media’s iron grip. And Twitter is the worst of the worst. 

This is not just about the recent election, conservatives, or Republicans. Even the left-leaning New York Times has acknowledged that social media has gotten too powerful, and they are abusing that power. 

A handful of unelected tech executives and their employees should not set the boundaries of acceptable expression on the Internet. This is a very slippery slope, and we have slid too far already.

And yes: “each of us doing our part” applies to me, too. Here is what I am doing:

1.) Account deactivation

This morning I deactivated my personal Twitter account. (It deletes automatically 30 days after deactivation.)

2.) No more Twitter links/embeds

This blog will no longer link directly to Twitter, or embed content from Twitter (which is the same thing as a link to Twitter). When Twitter content must be mentioned or shown, I’ll use a thumbnail screenshot, if available.


Twitter is not important. A handful of journalists have made Twitter seem more significant than it actually is or ever was. You don’t need Twitter for your business, your social life, or for informational purposes.

Just stop using Twitter now. Deactivate your account, and don’t go back.