‘Time Stand Still’ from Pershing’s Own

The United States Army Band, Pershing’s Own, recently performed and recorded their interpretation of the Rush song “Time Stand Still”.

This was the military band’s tribute to Neil Peart (1952~2020), who passed away earlier this year. (My essay on Neil Peart’s passing is here.)

“Time Stand Still” was released on the Hold Your Fire album in 1987. I remember it well. I was nineteen at the time; and I was just beginning to come to grips with the realization that life doesn’t go on forever, not for any of us. Cherish your experiences, cherish the people around you, while they’re here. Live in the present. 

The Pershing’s Own interpretation of “Time Stand Still” is distinct from the song on the original Rush album. Again, it’s an interpretation, not a rote performance of the original.

I like both versions. Kudos to the US Army Band for honoring Neil Peart in this way.