TikTok for old folks (like yours truly)

One of the enduring characteristics of my life is that I always figure things out late. I am therefore making a somewhat belated foray into TikTok.

Most of the “Booktok” crowd, at present, is young, female, and easy on the eyes. This facilitates content like dance videos. I’m a 53-year-old man. I know quite well that the Internet does not want to see me dance. Nor do I plan to lip-sync to any Taylor Swift songs. (Is Taylor Swift still a thing? I don’t know…)

My TikTok videos will mostly focus on my books and my stories. I’ll be starting out with simple promo videos (see below), but I plan to expand into full-fledged storytelling.  Given the video length constraints on TikTok, that may be a challenge. But I’m working on it.

As older people get into TikTok, they will need to develop age-appropriate ways of interacting with the medium. What works for a teen or early 20-something on social media is not going to work for a 40- or 50-something. This means that older folks, rather than blindly copying the young, will need to blaze new trails.

But the same thing happened with YouTube more than a decade ago. In the first few years of YouTube, that venue was dominated by Millennials…who were then quite young, but are well into early middle age at the time of this writing.

Now it is no big deal to be 35, 45, or 55 and on YouTube. And so it will be with TikTok, too.


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