TikTok ban looming?

Yes, it might really happen this time, as evidence is mounting that TikTok actually is Chinese spyware wrapped in the Trojan horse of a trendy social media app.

Then President Trump attempted to ban TikTok in July 2020, citing similar security concerns. But the conversation was drowned out amid the other controversies of that very eventful year. Our business and media establishment, moreover, was in no mood to get behind anything coming from the Trump administration. Trump could have proposed a ban on the bubonic plague, and the commentators at MSNBC would have said, “Now, hold on just a minute…isn’t there something racist about that?”

We are now in a different world. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and China’s unwavering support for its Russian ally, there has been a fundamental shift in the American perception of the PRC. 

For example: Only days before the invasion, American traitor skier Eileen Gu represented China in the Beijing Winter Olympics, in exchange for a major payoff from Chinese corporate advertisers. While Gu did receive some criticism, the mainstream media largely defended her on multiculturalist grounds. 

That would likely not be the case today. Moreover, the POTUS is no longer the China-baiting Trump, but the my-son-is-in-bed-with-Chinese-state-enterprises Biden. That leaves no one to rush to TikTok’s defense, if the FCC does make a serious push to ban TikTok from the US market.

As for me? TikTok has never been a big part of my personal or professional life. I’ve posted a few book trailers on TikTok, using the desktop version of the platform. (I’ve never downloaded and installed the phone app.) But I don’t have much time investment in TikTok, and it wouldn’t bother me if it went away in the US. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even notice at first.

But then, I am famously allergic to social media. I wouldn’t mind if all social media disappeared tomorrow.