This is why they’re homeschooling

New Jersey public schools will now be required to teach LGTBQ  history:

“There’s less name calling. There are more instances where other students stand up and intervene in anti-LGBTQ bullying,” said Aaron Potenza, policy director of the advocacy group Garden State Equality.

The state Department of Education has agreed to set guidelines for the new curriculum. But implementation will be up to each school district, starting in the 2020-2021 school year.

The change couldn’t come soon enough for parents like Jamie Bruesehoff.

“To understand that people that have contributed to out society in really important and powerful ways were also LGBTQ changes the narrative, and shows the full scope of history,” she said.

All fine and good. But how exactly would schools teach about the transgender role in the American Revolution? And how do they do that when they aren’t teaching much about the American Revolution to begin with?

Although it isn’t a perfect solution, I do understand why more people are choosing to homeschool their kids nowadays. The public schools seem more focused on ideological indoctrination, than anything that most of us would recognize as education.