The only dress shoes this writer will wear…and foul intrigue in the workplace

Nunn Bush

Hi. I’m a writer, but I still have to wear dress shoes when I give presentations and speeches. (And I worked in the Fortune 500 corporate world for 20 years…So I know what that’s like.)

When I wear dress shoes, I only wear Nunn Bush.

Why? They are simply the most comfortable, lightweight shoes that I’ve ever owned. And I’ve tried them all.

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Finally, since I’ve got you here: Now that we’ve talked about shoes, I want to tell you about my novel, The Eavesdropper


You’ve just learned that three of your coworkers are planning a murder.

One of them is your boss. 

That’s the premise behind The Eavesdropper.

You can check out The Eavesdropper on Amazon. 

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