‘The Kids Are All Right’ (quick movie review)

Here’s the setup: Two married lesbians are raising two teenagers that they acquired from a single sperm donor. (They each gave birth to one child.) 

Then the kids (one of whom has just turned 18) decide to contact their sperm donor/biological father.

Hijinks ensue. Unexpected clashes of familial roles (and attraction) throw this perfect little lesbian-headed family out of balance. 

I found this to be an interesting look at the ambiguities of “nontraditional families”. I’m a Roman Catholic guy from the 1980s, and well…I guess I just never thought much about some of this stuff.

Not everyone will like this movie. Some of the critical user reviews for The Kids Are All Right (on Amazon) suggested that this movie was pushing an ideological “gay agenda”.

I don’t believe that assessment is completely fair. Clearly, the movie takes same-sex marriage (and the idea of lesbians raising children) more or less for granted. But this isn’t agitprop.

On the contrary, this movie takes a head-on look at the conflicts and complications that might arise in “nontraditional” family structures, while still asserting that unconventional arrangements can work out in the end. 

Overall, a pretty good movie. 

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