‘The Far Side’ is back

There are many things about the 1980s that I miss.

The music was better, for one thing. (Def Leppard vs. Taylor Swift? No contest, dude.)

Everyone was much less uptight in the 1980s. Less angry about everything all the time.

Everyone seems to have burr up their keister about something in the 21st century. This is the age of trivial anger.

The 1980s were much more chill.

Also…we had ‘The Far Side’.

Gary Larson’s one-frame comic strips were instantly accessible and relentlessly funny. The Far Side appeared in newspapers (another great artifact from the 1980s). Every few years, a mess of Far Side comics would be collected and compiled in books.

And then Gary Larson retired in 1995. The Far Side disappeared.

But now he’s back, and he has a website. I recommend that you check it out. If you have a sense of humor, you’ll become an instant addict.

The Far Side often relied on puns. But these were puns done in a funny, highly original manner.

Unlike most things today, The Far Side never had a political agenda. Hopefully it survives the 21st century culture wars.

But I’m waiting for the Twitter hashtag accusing The Far Side of some version of PC thoughtcrime. A microaggression, perhaps.

If that does happen, I hope I don’t hear about it. The culture wars of the 21st century have wrecked so much that used to be great. I hope they leave The Far Side alone.