The Breakfast Club + 38 years

You know you’re getting old when someone born when you were a teenager would now be in early middle age.

And yes, all you Millennial readers: 38 qualifies as “early middle age”.

But I wasn’t born in 1985 myself. I was almost 17 years old on February 15, 1985, when The Breakfast Club hit the cinemas for the first time. I was a member of this movie’s teenage target demographic. 

I wrote an essay about this movie a few years ago, which gets a fair amount of traffic. Rather than rehash it all again, I’ll just let you know that you can find that piece here, if you’re interested in reading it. 

Spoiler alert: The Breakfast Club was a good (if not a great) movie; but it encouraged an entitled, self-absorbed view of one’s youthful world. This was a film that tried way too hard to suck up to its target audience, of which I was then a part.