The AOC-Bernie rift

I’ve been arguing, in so many words, that Bernie Sanders is a crank with zero common sense. Sanders shouldn’t be allowed to run a small-town bake sale, let alone the United States.

And if we needed yet more proof, we might consider his alliance with that queen of the radical nitwits, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Sanders allowed AOC to speak in his stead in Iowa recently, in advance of the Democratic caucus there. But AOC committed two faux pas: 1.) She neglected to even mention Sanders by name, and 2.) she encouraged Sanders supporters to actively work against ICE, a law enforcement branch of the United States.

There is, of course, an irony in a campaign speech that fails to mention the actual candidate. There is also irony in an elected government official advocating open lawlessness. But such lunacy is now par for the course within Democratic Party circles.

Sanders hasn’t learned his lesson, though. AOC was allowed to speak for the 78-year-old socialist in New Hampshire, and she’ll presumably go on the stump for him in the other primary states, too.