The 2023 Ohio heat wave

My K-12 education ended almost four decades ago.  For me, summertime has long since lost its significance of time off.

I don’t waterski, and I don’t enjoy picnics.

I don’t like summer’s insect outbreaks and highway traffic jams. Summer is also the season when local officials make a game out of inconveniencing motorists with road construction projects. Some of these are necessary, no doubt. Others are surely pork-barrel, make-work projects.

Oh, and I don’t like hot weather, either.

What can I say? Summer sun, bah humbug. I’m an autumn kind of guy. Give me that glorious stretch of cooling weather and shortening days that runs from late September to early December here in Ohio.

This summer has been particularly miserable because of the global heatwave. The Southern USA, Italy, and Japan have all been hit hard.

This summer has not been particularly brutal in Ohio—until this week. Temperatures in the 90s are forecast through the weekend. We get some relief on Monday, with the mercury falling to the low 80s.

Then there’s only one week left in August, the last full month of summer.

The end of summer 2023 can’t come fast enough.