The Qataris are not impressed

The World Cup is presently underway in Qatar.

As I noted previously, the Western media has discovered that Qatar is a rich oil sheikdom with laws and social mores straight out of seventh-century Arabia. The Western media has repeatedly pointed out that, golly gee, Qatar isn’t much like France, Sweden, or the United States. 

Qatar is not even much like Red State America, much as progressives on MSNBC like to whine about the “Christian Taliban” in Trump Country. 

While folks in Trump Country might not embrace gay marriage and drag shows for second graders (I feel creepy even typing that last phrase), no one in the American South is proposing that gays be locked up and beaten…along with adulterers. 

Welcome to Qatar! Where—oh, by the way, you can’t drink alcohol, either. And ladies, put those midriff-exposing tops away. Try this nice burqa on for size. The burqa is available in either black or brown. Take your pick! Continue reading “The Qataris are not impressed”