‘We Hunt Together’: my new favorite TV crime drama

I’ve had good luck with British dramas in recent years. I am (slightly) embarrassed to admit that Downton Abbey was one of my all-time favorite shows, even though it was little more than a soap opera set in Edwardian England.

I was therefore willing to give We Hunt Together (from BBC Studios) a try.

Despite the odd title and even odder opening theme, what you have here is a tightly plotted, richly charactered crime drama.

Two investigators (Babou Ceesay and Eve Myles) track a murderous couple (Hermione Corfield and Dipo Ola).

The acting in this series is top-notch all the way around. Kudos, especially, to Hermione Corfield for her portrayal of Frederica “Freddy” Lane, the series’ youthful femme fatale.

I am watching We Hunt Together on Showtime in the United States. Availability of the series may vary, depending on your location.

***Also available on DVD from Amazon***