Sweden, gender dysphoria, and social engineering

Social engineering has consequences. In recent years, mainstream culture throughout the West has developed an unhealthy preoccupation with gender fluidity and transgenderism.

But nowhere has this proceeded as it has in hyper-woke Sweden, where leftwing ideologues have even added unnecessary, gender-neutral pronouns to the language.

Spend a few decades encouraging people to question their gender identity, and…before long, everyone is questioning their gender identity. Sweden has seen an “avalanche-like” increase in gender dysphoria among teenage girls, but teenage boys are not far behind.

This is mass insanity, induced by social engineering.

I’m all for treating individuals with gender dysphoria with compassion. But we simply spend too much time obsessing on the topic.

Let men be men and let women be women. For 99% of the human population, this rule of thumb works just fine.