Sarah Jeong vs. Andy Ngo

The crackpot Sarah Jeong made headlines in 2018, after the New York Times named her to its editorial board, and her derogatory, neurotic tweets about white people (white men in particular) came to light. 

The mainstream media pretended that it never happened. Don’t look at those tweets! they said. The liberal Vox even declared the whole thing a rightwing conspiracy. (Isn’t everything they don’t like a rightwing conspiracy?) 

But in the end, who really cares who works at the New York Times? The paper has pretty much discredited itself, anyway.

Most folks just shrugged it off, and Jeong joined the editorial board of the NYT. But that didn’t last very long. It seems Ms. Jeong was temperamental even by their standards. She’s since been downgraded to an “opinion columnist”. Make of that what you will.

Sarah Jeong mostly exists on Twitter nowadays, among likeminded company. She has recently joined the chorus of the leftwing mob screeching that Andy Ngo should be silenced on the platform.

Keep in mind: Andy Ngo’s main thoughtcrime is that he filmed Antifa and BLM rioters….er, “peaceful protestors enaged in arson, looting, and assault” during last summer’s orgy of BLM/Antifa violence. 

Andy Ngo, incidentally, has a book coming out next month, and it’s driving the far left crowd absolutely bonkers.