‘Roots’ by Alex Haley

I was a bit too young for the original surge in popularity that Roots enjoyed during the 1970s. I did see part of the 1977 miniseries. To be honest, though, I was nine years old at the time, and the material was above my head.

I’m obviously older now. I picked up Roots today and I’ve started reading it. This is great storytelling.

I have the 30th anniversary edition. This edition opens with an erudite essay by someone (not Alex Haley) about the racial significance of the book.

I certainly get that, and that is a valid discussion. I’m not African American, however; and I won’t pretend that this aspect of Roots means more to me than it does. I’ll leave that discussion to others. 

So far, Roots is simply an addictive story that I can’t put down. I definitely recommend this book!