‘Ron DeSanctimonious’…WTF?

At a rally in Pennsylvania yesterday, former President Trump took a swipe at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a fellow Republican  who will face a reelection contest in less than 24 hours.

Trump called DeSantis “Ron DeSanctimonious”.

Clever, if the jab had come from a Democrat. But Trump and DeSantis are supposed to be on the same team. This is the most lamebrain thing the former president could have done. 

And, of course—the most egotistical and self-serving thing he might have done. DeSantis, after all, is polling high among GOP voters for the 2024 presidential nomination. He is the one Republican who could take the nomination away from Trump. Which he should.

For context: I have voted Republican since 1988. I would not trust the Democratic Party with roadkill cleanup at the township level. (They’d find a way to make the task ridiculously expensive and hopelessly inefficient.) I want to see a big change in the White House in 2024, and sanity restored.

One person stands in the way of that. His name isn’t Joe Biden. The individual who is most likely to hand Joe Biden an even more disastrous second term is…Donald Trump. 

Trump, after all, gave Biden his first term. Trump did not defeat the whacko leftists. In the eyes of millions of gullible but basically centrist Americans, Trump made the whacko leftists seem like the lesser of two evils. 

Will he do it again in 2024? He can’t do it alone.  He requires the help of millions of GOP voters who might be naive enough to make him the Republican nominee in 2024.

Or not. Hopefully not. It is time for the Republican Party to move on.