Restaurants in the time of plague: ordering carryout

They need your business…more than ever….

Just a friendly reminder to all of you: If it is within your means, please support your local restaurants with carryout.

This means family-run, “mom-and-pop” restaurants, of course. But also remember that local branded restaurants (like the Outback in the above photo) are usually owned by local franchisees. The McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Steak-n-Shake down the street is, in all likelihood, a family business.

All manner of businesses have been hit by the COVID-19 crisis. Restaurants have been hit especially hard, though, because they were among the first establishments to be closed by state orders. (Governor DeWine closed all restaurants and bars in Ohio on March 16, or thereabouts.)

Restaurants typically operate on low margins. Almost all of them will incur substantial losses as a result of the Great Shutdown of 2020.

Speaking of Outback: I plan to order carryout from the Outback near my home today, on the east side of Cincinnati. If there is a restaurant near you that continues to offer carryout and/or delivery, consider doing the same. We want these businesses to survive the shutdown, and we want them to continue to be there for us when it all ends.