Resources for Writers

So you want to be a writer, you say? Well, then this page is for you. 

Although I do cover various writing-related issues in the blog from time-to-time, this page is mostly about resources created by other people

My goal here is not to list everything on the web that could possibly relate to the endeavor of writing fiction. This is a small (in the big scheme of things) and highly curated list. 

I have personally benefited, in one way or another, from every resource/individual below. I wouldn’t recommend them to you otherwise.

I am constantly adding to his list, so be sure to bookmark this page.  

1.) The Gurus

The indie writing space has given rise to no shortage of gurus in recent years. Many of them sell books, courses, and whatnot. Being an unabashed capitalist, I’m perfectly okay with that. 

But which ones are worth your time and (potentially dollars). What follows is my rundown:

Joanna Penn, of The Creative Penn

I love Joanna Penn’s weekly podcast, The Creative Penn. Sometimes she gets a little too excited about artificial intelligence and globalization for my tastes, but her writing, marketing, and strategic advice is spot-on. 

Joanna Penn publishes “wide”. (She doesn’t limit herself to Amazon, in other words.)

She has a lot to say about the subject of content marketing, which more authors should be thinking about, especially with the rising costs of paid advertising. 

Check out Joanna Penn’s book, The Successful Author Mindset.