Quarantined? Read free stories from Edward Trimnell Books!

We’ve had a lot of discussion here in recent days about COVID-19, theĀ  state of the pandemic, possible cures, and the Great Shutdown of 2020.

We’ll continue to discuss them, and I’ll continue to selectively comment on the news. The commentaries and updates aren’t going anywhere.

At the same time, though, some of you must be burned out on the news.

Given our constant cable/Internet news cycle, it never ends. When you watch it minute-to-minute, moreover, it can get pretty repetitive.

So here’s what I’m doing for you:

There are lots of FREE stories on this site—mostly horror tales from my archives, including “The Vampires of Wallachia” and “Thanatos Postponed”.

For a full index of all the stuff you can read for FREE on this site (including plenty of thriller/horror fiction) see my Online Stories and Features page.


For those of you who are members of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service, you can read The Consultant or Venetian Springs for FREE as part of that program.

For the rest of you: I’ve marked down most of my fiction titles to a maximum price of $3.99. They’ll stay there for the duration of this crisis. I know that money is tight. I can’t make every title free, but I’m going to make every title as cheap as I possibly can. (And you can read most of my Amazon titles for FREE as part of your Kindle Unlimited membership, anyway .)

Here’s my advice: Don’t immerse yourself in the news too much. It can become a rabbit hole that you can’t pull out of. Don’t drift over to Twitter (that cesspool of negativity), and don’t spend all of your time scrolling through mindless updates on Facebook. Say hi to everyone once per day, and then get off Mark Zuckerberg’s manipulative, privacy-invading platform.

Go for a walk. Demonstrate support and affection for your friends and family (from a safe distance, of course). Count your blessings.

Oh, and keep checking back here. Because I’ll be putting lots more content up to help you pass the time while the world is on pause.

Peace out!