Oli London, Chloe Cole, and this moment of civilizational madness

Oli London is a young white British man who decided that he identified as…wait for it…a Korean girl.

Am I kidding? I only wish I were.

So London underwent the surgeries needed to transform a white British man into a reasonable facsimile of a Korean girl. 

Then he realized that this was all a mistake. (Ya think?) He’s now “detransitioning” and changing back to his original racial/gender identity. He’s also warning other impressionable young people who might be hornswoggled by the current enthusiasm for all things trans. 

London’s case is yet another wakeup call. So is that of Chloe Cole, a teenage girl in California who was given a double mastectomy at the urging of gender transition specialists. 

This is, if you’ll pardon my language, fucking insane. Young people are being turned into guinea pigs, literally being mutilated in order to appease “woke” adults.

But the motive is more than just ideology. Money is a factor, too. These minor atrocities line the pockets of medical practitioners who are unethical enough to profit from this particular moment of civilizational madness. Collectively, these doctors remind me of the late Josef Mengele. They have apparently forgotten that pillar of the Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm.

Listen to Chloe Cole’s description of her ordeal. If you don’t see something wrong with doing this to children…well, I don’t know what to tell you.