Ohio: summer in February

Okay, this is weird weather. The temperature today is in the 70s (Fahrenheit). That wouldn’t be so unusual in Florida, but this is freakin’ Ohio.

As you can see, I am quite comfortable on my back deck wearing only a tee shirt. (Or well, not only a tee shirt. I’ve got something on below, too, which is why none of my neighbors has called the police.)

I would blame climate change and global warming, but we had sub-zero temperatures in December, right around Christmas. If you study the meteorological records for anywhere in the Midwest since the late 1800s, moreover, you’ll find many such spikes and dips. (I recall one particularly balmy weekend in late January of 1988, 35 years ago.)

None of the above is intended as a statement on the larger issue of climate change, mind you. My point is merely that there have always been unseasonably warm and cool days in these parts, going back as far as records have been kept.

Tomorrow a cold front is coming in, bringing rain and cooler weather. But temperatures will remain above normal here for the rest of the week. I plan to enjoy it while it lasts.