No more cat declawing in New York

It is not very often that I agree with much of anything done by the finger-wagging hecklers of the nanny state—who are in especial abundance in the Empire State.

But even a stopped clock, as they say, is right twice per day.

New York has banned cat declawing. And although it pains me to agree with anything enacted by New York’s political leaders, I agree with this one.

Cat declawing is not analogous to a human getting his fingernails clipped. It is more analogous to having the tips of your fingers amputated at the last joint.

Doesn’t sound very pleasant, does it? Well, you can bet that the cat doesn’t think so, either.

The declawing procedure (called an onychectomy) creates lingering pain for the cat. It also leaves the cat unable to defend itself, or to hunt for food (should the cat end up in the wild).

There is no reason to put cats through this procedure, save the convenience of the owner.

There is a certain reality about cats: Cats have claws; cats will occasionally claw your carpet, furniture, and curtains. It happens.

Once in a while, your cat will claw you. I used to be a cat owner. I can assure you that your odds of being killed or seriously maimed by a house cat are close to nil. But yes, you may be scratched, along with your home furnishings.

Don’t want to deal with all that? The answer is simple. Your cat doesn’t need an onychectomy.

You don’t need a cat.