New Year’s resolutions 2020

Another New Year is almost upon us. Out with the old, in with the new!

As I’ve written before, it’s my habit to create New Year’s resolutions around this time of year.

My New Year’s plans/resolutions for 2020 are as follows:

Write/publish more books

I’ve got lots more books on the way in 2020, including at least one (possibly two) in January.

Continue to exercise

At the age of 51, I am fortunate to have my good health.

Many years ago, I developed an addiction to exercise. Dieting is not as easy for me, but I have enough discipline to avoid the really bad stuff. I plan to continue my fitness regimen in 2020.

Read more books

This year I didn’t read as many books as I wanted to. I plan to spend more time reading and reflecting in 2020.

Avoid social media

I haven’t seen much positive on Twitter, YouTube, etc. Social media seems to bring out the worst in everyone.

I do have a personal Facebook account, which I use to maintain contact with my old high school classmates and work colleagues. I will continue to use that in moderation.

But I’m done with the outrage, snark, and shrillness of the wider ocean of social media, beyond people I know in real life.

The world was better off before social media existed. I believe it will be better off after social media is gone, too.

Become a better person

Like many people do in middle age, I’ve fallen prey to cynicism at times. I’ve been guilty of the sin of pride.

I have often been too harsh toward my fellow human beings. I haven’t empathized with others as I should.

In 2020, I plan to speak more kindly, to love more deeply. To be less prone to anger and defensiveness. To see the good in others.

Or at least I will try. I am—like most of you—a deeply flawed human being.

But I will try to do better in 2020.


Anyway, those are my plans for the New Year, at a high level. Good luck achieving your New Year’s resolutions.

And if you haven’t yet come up with any, you still have time before 1/1/2020.