Japanese vocabulary for spousal relationships

In Japanese, you will note, there are specific words for referring to one’s own spouse, and different words to indicate the spouse of another person. (This pattern prevails with other intimate relations (mother, father, etc.) as well.

家内     かない   one’s own wife

主人     しゅじん    one’s own husband

御主人    ごしゅじん  another’s husband

奥さん    (おくさん)    another’s wife

夫     おっと  husband (legal/objective term)

妻     つま   wife (legal/objective term)

亭主    ていしゅ  one’s husband

女房    にょうぼう  one’s wife

旦那さん   (だんなさん)  master of the house; husband

お上さん   (おかみさん)  lady of the house; wife

婦人   ふじん  woman, lady

男やもめ   (おとこやもめ)  widower

未亡人   みぼうじん  widow

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