Japanese vocabulary for relatives

Here we have relations outside the immediate family.

Note that there are two ways to express the idea of “relative” or “relation” in Japanese:

親戚   しんせき relative

親類   しんるい  relative

* * *

More relations:

いとこ  cousin

おば  aunt

おじ  uncle

祖母  そぼ  grandmother

祖父  そふ   grandfather

祖父母  そふぼ  grandparents

おじいさん  grandfather (polite)

おばあさん  grandmother (polite)

孫   まご  grandchild

曾祖父  そうそふ   great-grandfather

曾祖母   そうそぼ  great-grandmother

曾祖父母   そうそふぼ   great-grandparents

甥    おい  nephew

姪    めい    niece

義理の母  ぎり の はは   mother-in-law

舅   しゅうと  husband’s father

姑  しゅうとめ husband’s mother

義理の父   (ぎり の ちち)  father-in-law

保護者  ほごしゃ guardian

義理の息子 (ぎり のむすこ) son-in-law

義理の娘  (ぎりのむすめ)  daughter-in-law

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