Mexico: more dangerous than you probably realize

Here we see further proof of it: Men, women, and children who were part of a Mormon group were “burned alive” by criminal assailants.

I traveled to Mexico frequently during the mid-1990s. I’ve made at least twenty trips to Mexico over the years. I speak Spanish more or less fluently.

I love Mexico, but I have no illusions about the security situation there.

The average Mexican is a decent person who is just trying to get by in a chaotic environment. While I was in Mexico, I was almost always treated with warmth and kindness.

But Mexico is paralyzed by a dysfunctional state apparatus. Over 90% of crimes in Mexico go unsolved. Combine that with the drug cartels (whose main customers are American addicts and nitwit recreational users) and you have a very dangerous situation.

I would recommend travel to Mexico only if absolutely necessary under the current circumstances. There is a reason why so many Mexicans are risking everything to get out of their own country.