Kenny Rogers 1938 – 2020

Kenny Rogers passed away yesterday. The singer was 81 years old.

Kenny Rogers had his heyday as I came of age. He was a country western singer; and in the early 1980s, no self-respecting suburban adolescent maleĀ  would have admitted to a liking for country music. But I liked Kenny Rogers, nonetheless.

His best songs were fine examples of lyric storytelling. “Coward of the County”, “The Gambler”, “Long Arm of the Law”, and “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille”. Each one of these songs creates a little movie in your head, when you listen to it.

As noted above, Kenny Rogers’s music was ubiquitous in the early 1980s. We heard less from him in the new century, and he retired for good in 2015.

He’ll be missed, but his music lives on, of course.

Kenny Rogers, 81, R.I.P.