Justin Trudeau’s doughnuts

In case you want a break from the impeachment charade in the United States: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau aroused the ire of his electorate when he purchased expensive pastries at an independent bakery in Winnipeg called Oh Doughnuts

Many folks on Twitter argued that Trudeau could have bought doughnuts from the cheaper Canadian favorite, Tim Hortons.

Is the Justin Trudeau mystique finally starting to fade? First the guy said nice things about Fidel Castro upon his death in 2016. Then he appeared in brown face in an old photograph. There have also been reports about him being free and easy with his hands.

I don’t think Trudeau is a bad person. On the contrary, he seems like a nice guy. But let’s get real here: Justin Trudeau is an affable, good-looking nitwit who is only where he is because his father was the great Pierre Trudeau.

This is nepotism at a national scale. If Justin Trudeau’s father had been anyone else, Trudeau would probably still be a schoolteacher.