Irish on YouTube

Like a lot of Americans, I have Irish ancestry. My grandmother’s people came from County Cork around the turn of the 20th century.

I’m also fascinated by foreign languages. (I’m always reading at least one book in Japanese, and another in Spanish.) It is only natural, then, that I should be drawn to the Irish language.

One of my great-great grandmothers came to the US by herself as a young woman. (This was actually a common pattern with Irish immigration.) She died about ten years before I was born, so I never met her. I’ve been told, though, that she spoke English with a heavy brogue. But she spoke no Irish.

For centuries, British imperial policies subverted the Irish language, all but eradicating it. Ergo, my great-great grandmother didn’t speak Irish Gaelic. The rebirth of the Irish language is a 20th century project.

(And no, I bear no ill will against the British. There are more Trimnells in England than in the United States.)

This young lady (see above) is a native of Hibernia, and she’s teaching basic Irish on YouTube. I’ve subscribed to her channel. Maybe I’ll pick up a phrase or two. That will give me more Irish than my great-great grandmother had.


Note: I like Irish jokes, too. I despise political correctness and identity politics in all their forms, especially where my own relatives are concerned.

What’s the difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish wake? One less drunken Irishman.

(And if you don’t get the punchline, then you obviously have no Irish ancestry. One thing about the Irish: True to stereotype, they like to drink…at least my Irish relatives did.)