Iran War Powers resolution

The measure was passed by the Senate, without Tom Cotton’s proposed exemption for engagements with known terrorist organizations.

This resolution was—just like the recent impeachment spectacle—a mostly political exercise concocted by House Democrats. But there is another important takeaway here.

Resolutions like this are designed for 20th-century warfare. Woodrow Wilson taking us into WWI.  Lyndon Johnson involving us in Vietnam, etc.

Today, most of our foes are not conventional armies, but often stateless terrorist organizations. And in the case of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the actual government is enmeshed with any number of stateless actors throughout the Middle East.

No sane person wants to see the United States embroiled in another Mideast conflict. But this resolution simply doesn’t take into account the realities of the present century.

This would be a good resolution for 1920, or even 1980. For 2020, not so much.