‘Interview with a Vampire’: I’ve bailed

I decided to sample AMC’s adaptation of Interview with a Vampire. I never read any of the original novels by Anne Rice; and I didn’t see the 1990s movie version starring Tom Cruise. So I came in with no preconceptions. 

I had high hopes during the first fifteen minutes of Episode 1. I liked the early twentieth-century New Orleans setting. I liked the Creole cultural elements. I liked the premise of the journalist being summoned for the interview. 

As soon as LeStat (Sam Reid) saw Louis de Pointe du Lac (Jacob Anderson) and got that twinkle in his eye, I could tell this was going to have a gay storyline. And I was okay with that, in principle. I saw Brokeback Mountain, after all, and found it a reasonably interesting drama set in the mid-20th century American West. 

But Interview with a Vampire rapidly fell down the rabbit hole that trips up so many contemporary vampire tales. It became a romance story with a few rote vampire motifs thrown in. 

By the middle of the second episode, Interview with a Vampire was all about the relationship between Louis and LeStat, and the former’s sensual fixation on the latter. For me, this quickly became as tiresome as Bella’s fixation on Edward in Twilight. 

I finished the second episode, but I won’t be tuning in for the third. There is just too much good television to choose from nowadays.