Idaho ISP to block Twitter and Facebook over censorship concerns

An Internet service provider in Idaho has announced that it will block both Twitter and Facebook in response to these platforms’ egregious practices of political censorship.

Idaho company to block Facebook and Twitter for censorship

The company, Your T1 WIFI, is based in Priest River, Idaho, and provides Internet service in parts of northern Idaho and nearby Spokane, Washington.

This is obviously only one Internet service provider, in what I would assume to be a sparsely populated area. 

But more may follow. Ultimately there are two ways to fight the censorship practices of Facebook and Twitter: block them back, and vote with your feet. 

On the subject of voting with one’s feet: No one needs a Twitter account. Period.

If you do want to keep your Facebook account intact as your personal rolodex, I can understand that. Admittedly, I have become dependent on Facebook, too. The platform has become my primary means of communicating with some people.

But that will change. I plan to phase out my use of Facebook in Q1 of 2021, so I can permanently delete Mark Zuckerberg’s tarpit from my life. 

But even if you don’t want to delete Facebook just yet, there are still actions you can take, or rather—not take.

Don’t post content on the site, don’t interact with content, and (whatever you do) don’t click on any Facebook ads in your newsfeed. That’s how Facebook makes money.