How Eloïse Bouton celebrated Christmas

To mark Christmas 2013, a French sociopath named Eloïse Bouton (who calls herself a journalist) burst into a Catholic church in Paris with ill intentions. 

Bouton was bare-breasted. She wore a simulated crown of thorns, and a blue veil mocking the common depiction of the Virgin Mary. 

And of course Bouton didn’t sit in the back pew. She charged to the front of the church, interrupting the the ongoing service.

But it gets better. Bouton was carrying two ox livers, which she used to simulate an abortion of the infant Jesus. 

And it gets better yet. Then she urinated in front of the congregation. 

All of this was intended as a pro-abortion protest.

Even in France, that is pushing the envelope of civilized behavior. 

I should also note that abortion is perfectly legal in France, and likely to remain so in the foreseeable future. Around one in three French women have had at least one abortion. America’s Planned Parenthood, therefore, is unlikely to find an export market in France for fetal brains, hearts, and livers. The French are dismembering plenty of fetuses on their own, without any outside help. 

Finally, Eloïse Bouton identifies as queer. 

So, she’s a non-heterosexual woman living in a country where abortion rights are more or less sacrosanct. What were the odds, in 2013, of Eloïse Bouton ever needing an abortion and being denied one in her home country? About the same odds as an American being unable to find an accessible McDonald’s, I’d say.

In other words, why was it necessary for her to do this, unless she is either a.) a nut job, or b.) a flaming asshole. (Or c.), a little of both? My money is on c.)

A French court ordered Bouton to pay the church damages. It also issued her a jail sentence (which doubtless would have been suspended). 

Then the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) got involved. The European court overturned the ruling of the French court, and ordered the French government to pay Bouton €9,800 in damages. Bouton, according to the supranational ECHR, was exercising her “freedom of expression”.

We need not wonder how the European Court of Human Rights would have ruled had Bouton pulled this stunt in a mosque. Assuming she survived (and the odds of that are small), she would have been charged with the ideological crime of Islamophobia. To a certain kind of leftwing mindset, only Christianity is fair game for gratuitous blasphemy. 

That may be because Christians turn the other cheek. Muslims?…Well, some do. But remember what happened to the journalists and illustrators at Charlie Hebdo in 2015. When you publicly blaspheme against Islam, you might lose your life. Catholics, on the other hand, give you Christmas cookies and hurt expressions. So a cowardly bully like Eloïse Bouton naturally picks on the Catholics.

Western concepts of free speech give one a right to blaspheme. They do not give one the right to disrupt a Christmas service in this manner. Likewise, you have a right to burn the Quran if you want to (and just to be clear, I don’t recommend it). You do not have the right to do so inside the walls of a mosque or Islamic center. Because then you would be just as much of an asshole as Eloïse Bouton is. (Oh, and you’d probably not survive.)

We wonder why the countries of Europe are eager to leave the European Union. We also wonder why Italy recently swung to the traditionalist right, electing as its new prime minister Giorgia Meloni of the Brothers of Italy party. 

There is no great mystery here. When the pendulum swings in one direction, it inevitably swings in the opposite direction. Just give it time. When France eventually swings to the right, you can thank cretins like Eloïse Bouton, and her cowardly apologists at the inaptly named “European Court of Human Rights”.