Happy Labor Day 2021

Today begins the Labor Day holiday weekend of 2021.

Labor Day is, on one hand, the unofficial end of  summer. The way school years were configured in my youth (the 1980s), Labor Day was usually the first weekend of the new academic year. (None of that back-to-school-in-mid-August nonsense for us.)

And in my hometown of Cincinnati, Labor Day weekend has long meant the WEBN fireworks. 

But there’s a history behind Labor Day as well, which is summarized in the History Channel video at the top of this page. You should give that a watch. 


Finally, Labor Day is the beginning of the final third of the calendar year. For me, this means getting serious about accomplishing my goals for the year. There are only four months remaining, after all.

This has been a reasonably productive year for me so far. I have published the first three books of The Rockland Horror series, and at least two more will come out before year’s end. I’m also working on a World War II historical suspense series that will show up on Amazon this fall.

I am also planning some more content for this blog. While I am mainly focused on writing books, I enjoy having a platform out here in the world, that anyone can stumble upon. So look for some more essays and posts after September 7. Maybe some more short stories, too. 

Have a happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!