For writers: book sales, the recession, and my favorite writing podcast

Writer podcasts are a decidedly mixed bag. Most of them provide “me too”, generalized information. Still others exist as little more than infomercials for expensive courses locked behind paywalls. 

Ergo, there aren’t many that I can endorse wholeheartedly and without reservation. In fact, there is only one: the Six Figure Authors Podcast, hosted by Lindsay Buroker, Joseph Lallo, and Andrea Pearson. 

For many years, Lindsay, Andrea, and Joe provided nuts-and-bolts, no-nonsense advice that was both detailed and actionable.  I’ve listened to many episodes of their show multiple times…and I know I’m not alone.

These three also stand out as very nice people. Their podcast contains no drama, no grandstanding, no political soapboxing. 

And so far as I can tell, none of them ever made any real money directly from the Six Figure Authors Podcast. The podcast was never a funnel for—say—a $849 marketing course for authors. (Notice that I am not naming any names here.)

Notice also my use of the past tense. The Six Figure Authors Podcast went on indefinite hiatus this past spring, possibly because the three hosts were putting so much effort into the endeavor without any direct return. (All of them, especially Lindsay, are successful just selling books.)

When they announced their hiatus in April, the trio also announced that they might post periodic shows in the future, as circumstances warrant.

And so now, it seems, circumstances warrant. The global economy seems headed for an inevitable slowdown at the end of this year. Many authors have reported an accompanying drop-off in sales. (I’m a fly on the wall in several of the big Facebook groups for writers.)

Lindsay, Joe, and Andrea have some thoughts on this matter. Some of what you’ll hear in this 90-minute discussion is general advice; but it’s general advice that is well worth hearing—and applying to your own situation.